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Against Gravity<sup>™</sup> Hairspray

Against Gravity Hairspray

What it is: This fast drying hairspray infuses hair with long lasting flexible hold. Instantly provides full-blown volume and immense shine. Humidity resistant to tame frizz and flyaways. UV filters protect color from fading.   Paraben free, phthalate free

Key Technology: Lift your hair to new heights with Oleo-Volume & Strength Technology™! Our unique oleosome delivery system helps to create 40% MORE VOLUME and 50% MORE STRENGTH in hair. Composed of natural seed oils and vitamin E, oleosomes are an encapsulation system that rapidly penetrate biopolymers and natural oils into the hair shaft to expand and strengthen hair from the inside out.

Key Ingredients:

  • Oleo-Volume & Strength Technology™ expands and strengthens the hair shaft to create volume from the inside out
  • Natural Botanical Extracts: white tea, grapefruit, pomegranate, Tahitian gardenia & coconut strengthen hair, condition & protect. Helps to shield hair from environmental damage.
  • Volumizing Hold Polymer: maintains style even in high humidity
  • Panthenol Vitamin Complex: adds luster and moisturizes hair

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Directions: For hair raising volume, spray onto dry hair from 8-12 inches away. Spray evenly to finish style or section by section for more defined looks. For an extra boost of volume, hold hair away from head and spray through as hair falls. Repeat as needed for stronger hold.

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