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Ultimate Lift<sup>™</sup> Dry Shampoo Powder

Ultimate Lift Dry Shampoo Powder

What it is: This Dry Shampoo Powder builds ultimate body by adding texture and dimension. Proprietary mixture of oatmeal and micro mineral crystals absorbs dirt, oil and product build-up for amplified volume and fullness. Cleanses hair without water, refreshes your look and extends the life of your blowout! Paraben free, phthalate free, fragrance free

Key Technology: Ground breaking innovation of true natural ingredients in a proprietary mixture of oatmeal flour and micro mineral crystals give this formulation amazing absorbent and volumizing properties.

Key Ingredients:

  • Oatmeal flour: coats hair and scalp while imparting soothing and calming properties. Absorbs dirt, oil, odor, product build-up and pollutants
  • Montmorillionite: soft group of minerals that form in microscopic crystals to absorb oil and provide volume to hair.

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Directions: For hair raising volume, shake well before use. Turn cap to expose spray hole. Holding the bottle vertically a few inches from the hair, squeeze bottle to evenly spray the powder onto roots. Brush hair thoroughly until the powder is absorbed. Re-style hair as desired!

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Sleep in with Dry Shampoo!

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