Introduction values your privacy and is committed to transparency in how we collect, use, and disclose information about you. We employ automated means, including cookies, to enhance your experience on our website. This Cookie Policy outlines our practices regarding cookies and your choices in managing them. We may update this policy periodically without prior notice to reflect changes in our practices. Please review the Effective Date at the bottom of this page for the latest version. Our use of cookies may involve processing personal information. For further details on data protection, refer to our Privacy Policy.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of software installed on a device via a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) when visiting a website. Cookies facilitate website functionality and improve efficiency. They encompass various tracking technologies such as flash cookies, web beacons, pixels, JavaScript, and web server logs.

How We Use Cookies

We utilize cookies for multiple purposes, including technical functionalities, personalized experiences, and displaying selected third-party advertising. Cookies enable us to provide relevant content, enhance user experience, and customize website materials based on individual preferences. They can recognize users, remember important information such as login status and preferences, and link user activity to personal information stored by

Information Obtained Through Cookies

Data obtained via cookies may include information about users’ devices, browsers, and actions on This encompasses IP addresses, browser types, operating systems, language preferences, referring URLs, website interactions, and device identifiers. For mobile access, additional data such as UDID and mobile carrier details may be collected.

Where We Place Cookies

Cookies are placed in various locations across our services, including our website and emails.

Types of Cookies

  • Strictly Necessary: Essential for basic website functionalities and user navigation. They are typically session cookies that expire upon browser closure.
  • Performance: Used to monitor website usage, visitor statistics, and page interactions to enhance user experience and measure advertising effectiveness.
  • Functionality: Enable the website to remember user choices and preferences, supporting personalized experiences across sessions.
  • Targeting: Display relevant advertising to users, track ad performance metrics, and understand user interests to improve ad targeting.
  • Third Party: Hosted by analytics providers, ad networks, and advertisers to track user activities across websites and deliver personalized content and ads.

Managing Cookies

Users have control over cookie preferences and can adjust settings in their web browser to manage or disable cookies. However, certain functionalities may be impacted by disabling cookies.