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Refinement is Key We encourage you to present your piece in a polished form, akin to a final draft rather than an initial attempt. Prior to submission, we recommend seeking feedback from friends or family. Given our online presence, remember that brevity reigns supreme—conciseness is the essence of online content.

*We seek submissions within the range of 500 – 1500 WORDS.

Illustrations Accompany Published Pieces! Upon selection of your work, we will request accompanying digital imagery.

*Please ensure images are in jpeg format and no larger than 1 megabyte. Kindly refrain from embedding images into your Word document; submit them separately.

GG Gatsby’s Writer’s Checklist:

  1. Submit a refined piece within the 500 – 1500 word range.
  2. Upon selection, prepare companion images as we do not publish stories without them.
  3. Share a spirited photograph of yourself!
  4. Provide concise biographical information.
  5. Include contact details for places referenced. Should you mention a delightful eatery in Delhi, furnish its address and website. As an information hub, if we can’t send our Divas there, it’s off our radar.

Patience is Key. You may not receive immediate feedback or see your article live on our site for several weeks. We may reserve it for an upcoming special thematic issue, such as a Fashion or Shopping Edition. Rest assured, we haven’t overlooked you. Hang in there. We refrain from individual inquiries about article status.

Syndication Policy: Get ready for syndication! GG Gatsby reserves the right to republish your piece with any of our partners.

GG Gatsby eagerly awaits your submissions. Our world extends to yours, and we wholeheartedly welcome your world into ours. Long live the writers of GG Gatsby!

Style Guidelines!!

When submitting to GG Gatsby, kindly adhere to the following style directives.

  • Article titles should adopt the format of the country name followed by a colon and a concise, witty title, such as “Italy: Exploring My Richard Gere Love Child.” Avoid excessively lengthy titles.
  • Maintain a single space between sentences.
  • Limit the use of quotation marks and capitalizations.
  • Employ a two-comma list structure, e.g., “I enjoy milk, orange juice, and coffee.”
  • Embrace the M-dash for emphasis and clarity, e.g., “Whoa—you nearly scared me!”
  • Distinguish between commonly confused terms, such as “palette” and “palate,” “its” and “it’s,” etc. Remember, “If I had a euro for…”